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Position Description

Retail Specialist Duties and Responsibilities
While a retail specialist’s duties can vary depending on the store they work in, many of the core responsibilities remain the same:
Complete Retail Sales
The retail specialist’s primary duty is to help customers buy items. This can include helping the customer find a particular product, placing a special order for out-of-stock or specialty items, and providing information about products. The retail specialist also processes payments and accepts cash, which frequently involves making change, applying coupons or promotions, and bagging the customer’s items after the sale.
Respond to Customer Questions
In many cases, the retail specialist answers customer questions about products, stock availability, promotions, and store policies. A customer may want to know about the shop’s return and exchange policies, for example, or ask whether a promotion applies to a specific item. This part of the job requires a high level of familiarity with the store’s offerings, policies, and events.
Arrange Displays
Retail specialists ensure that stores look their best and that customers can reach items by arranging displays and merchandizing items. This can include arranging seasonal and holiday displays, placing sale items in a central location for customers to browse, and front-facing items such as books to create a visually and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience. Retail specialists also make sure that items are correctly priced before they are added to shelves.
Maintain Stock and Inventory Records
Retail specialists maintain stock and inventory records while restocking items and completing sales. The retail specialist may visually review inventory levels or complete a periodic inspection, comparing current inventory levels to internal records. The retail specialist then takes note of any discrepancies or missing stock. In many cases, a retail specialist may submit a list of low-stock items to a buyer to ensure that the store has sufficient product on hand at all times.
Process Returns and Exchanges
Retail specialists process returns and exchanges according to store policy. In this aspect of the job, they may check a customer’s receipt to determine whether their item is eligible for a refund or exchange and may offer the refund in the form of store credit if the customer is returning an item after a certain amount of time has passed. The retail specialist records these returns and exchanges and removes damaged items from inventory.

Type: Full-time