Customer Service Specialist
Location: Kowaliga Marina, 255 Kowaliga Marina Rd, Eclectic, AL 35010

Position Description
Customer Care Specialist
I. Role

The role of Customer Care Specialist is to make sure that Marina customers maintain a superior level of satisfaction with services provided. In doing so, we will demonstrate high company standards and dedication while striving to surpass those expected by our customers. The Customer Care Specialists continuously works to please current Russell Marine customers and attract those who are not. This will include but is not limited to:
A. Being a source of knowledge for Marina customers, allowing them to have one point of contact within the marina system. This would require establishing trust and rapport with customers and Marina employees.
B. Working with disgruntled customers and discovering what aspects contributed to the situation at hand (i.e. improper delivery, unclean boat, poor sales experience, quality/upholstery problems, service errors, poor CSI scores, etc.) Working collectively (manager, sales staff, service technicians, dockhands, etc.) to discover what is needed to resolve the problem leave the customer satisfied.
C. Acquiring the knowledge and skills that would enable you to assist in all departments (service, sales, floor, rental boats, delivery, etc.) within the marina when extra staff is needed.
D. Showing extra care i.e. sending thank-you, sympathy, congratulation, … phone calls/cards to customers when the occasion arises.

II. Standard Duties

A. Service Follow-up
1. Call each and every customer when a work order is completed. Purpose of call is to inform the customer that work has been completed
a. Ask for their input on their input on their service experience.
b. Inform them of any Marina specials that may be of interest to them.
c. Thank them for their patronage.
2. Call each customer that has a warranty repair performed on their boat, PWC or trailer.
a. Inform them exactly what was done to their vessel.
b. Thank them for their confidence in our staff and allowing us to serve them.
c. Inform them that they will receive a follow-up survey from the manufacturer and ask for the highest ratings.
d. Ask them if there is anything that could be improved upon with their service experience.
e. Let them know that for all returned CSI’s Russell Marine will donate $50 to Children’s Harbor in their name.
3. Inform and discuss all customer issues, questions or concerns with Management and relay back to the customers to their satisfaction.
4. Document all follow-up, responses and complaints in G2-CRM for future review.

B. Sales Delivery/Follow-up
1. Assist salesman in sale progression, if needed, including but not excluded to, maintaining conversation if salesman has to step away to gather items or information, offering a drink, making copies, finding applicable sales books, etc.
2. Be present upon most sale deliveries, introduce yourself, learn their boat, take picture, and document all relevant information in CRM.
3. Perform courtesy call to each boat, motor, and trailer purchaser. Thank customer for patronage; inquire on their personal experience with the dealership; get their suggestions on improvements; inform them of any CSI’s that they may be receiving and ask for the highest ratings. Inform them that for all returned CSI surveys Russell Marine will donate $50 to Children’s
Harbor in their name.
C. CSI’s – Post Sale CSI, Engine CSI, Service CSI
1. Calling all customers that will be receiving CSI’s and explaining how each response allows us to continuously improve so that we can better serve them in the future. You will also reiterate that upon CSI arrival a $50 donation will be made in the customer’s name to Children’s Harbor.
2. Reading, understanding and documenting all Customer Satisfaction Index’s that are received (Service, Sales, Boat, Engine, etc.) in G2-CRM for future review.
3. Quantify this information into areas in which we can improve.
4. Discuss with Manager and follow-up with customers that need extra touches.

D. Dockhands - Train, manage, and monitor dockhands to insure that customer service levels are at their highest.
1. Train all dockhands; covering handbook, rental guidelines and employer and customer expectations.
2. Review daily tills with Office Manager.
3. Address and resolve any issues.
4. Inform Manager of any and all disciplinary problems that may arise. Assist on dock if/as needed.
5. Perform rental boat checklists and deliveries if a dockhand is not available.

E. Call Campaigns
1. Conduct various call campaigns throughout the year to new/current customers (i.e. promotional, summarization, VIP Party count, etc).
2. Write scripts for such campaigns to be used as a personal guide and for any others assisting in the campaign efforts.Document results in Excel as well as G2-CRM.
3. Review results with Manager and help develop solutions to recurring themes.

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